REGARD Style House is a boutique fashion PR agency specializing in brand development, celebrity placements, talent engagement, strategic product placement and event activations.

We represent emerging and established fashion designers, accessory & product brands as well as fashion influencers, in order to create a positive brand image and awareness, helping to increase the value of your business.

At REGARD Style House, we use our experience and relationships with celebrity talent, fashion taste makers, media outlets, innovative marketing programs and social media to create a personalized approach to your branding and public relations. We want our collaboration with you to have a positive effect on your clients and on your bottom line.

At REGARD Style House, we highly value our clients, which is why our primary goal is costumer service. We believe in transparency. Our goal is to add to your success. Besides providing monthly reporting, which outlines your brand’s activity, we believe in personal and regular communication to ensure that we are providing you with high quality service. We are aware that your business may go through various changes. Our willingness and ability to adapt to these circumstances only adds to the success of your brand!